The end of the O Levels

The dreaded O levels are finally over. As a form of celebration, I went window shopping with my good friend . Rather than patronising pricey cafes,which would undoubtedly see an increase in sales figures from students shelling out money on their overpriced products. Having completed my O levels means that I no longer have to endure the constant nagging from my teachers. I can say goodbye to teachers pounding on our classroom door at 7:45 am in the morning waiting to be gifted with their homework. I shall not delve into the details of how my O levels went, because that’s been over and done with. Overall, I felt pretty good about it, and may the force hopefully be with me when I receive my results next year. For now, I’ll focus on treasuring the freedom I have been beqeauthed with before reality slaps me in the face.


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