Trip to Art in Paradise museum

An overview of the Art in paradise museum : A 3D art museum for you to put your wannabe acting skills to use and your chance to be a supposed professional photographer for a few hours. In addition ,you’ll feel like a model for a short period of time.

My take on the museum

I did indeed have a blast there, the illusions there are legitimate 3D paintings and they aren’t rip off illusions where the supposed illusions are actually real life figures. The museum consists of two floors, I know what you’re probably thinking, a possible rip off of my money. I assure you, it’s not , the pricing was reasonable and the paintings were well done. The museum did not consist of figures with chipped off paint unlike the Trick eye museum in Singapore which has the audacity to proclaim itself as a bona fide 3D art museum. The interactive media section of the museum is definitely the pull factor of this place. It consists of a room with flashing images and 3D images. The objective is that you’re meant to writhe around the floor and strike poses in order to fit the illusions. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to let loose and writhe around the floor without any objections and not look like a deranged person.

There is also a plus side to it, the museum has a cafe too, so you can enjoy something to eat after striking poses with paintings. The prices are rather reasonable, it’s 300 Baht for adults and 200 baht for children(this price is for foreigners). Beware though, foreign countries have  a penchant for a dual pricing system. Basically with the dual pricing system, there are two sets of prices for locals and foreigners respectively. So don’t set your hope too high only to be told that you’ll have to pay a higher price. The next time you’re going enter a tourist attraction anywhere, ensure that you check the prices carefully.


These are just my thoughts on the museum, others may have contrasting views on it. I’m not in any way sponsored by anyone to write a good review of this place.

Here’s some outtakes from the trip.


Sliding down a slope, or so, we think.



Attempting to be models, when in reality, we need to update our style ASAP.


Just casually sitting on a giant thumbtack that has created a crack in the floor.


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