A trip to the Emerald Buddha Temple ( Wat Phra Khew)

The Emerald Buddha Temple is one of the pull factors of Thailand, being deemed as the most sacred temple,it’s a hot spot among tourists. People from all over the globe flock to this temple to get a glimpse of the most sacred temple in Thailand. It gives you a chance to pay your respects and well, hopefully be gifted with lots of luck and prosperity.

Here’s some advice for future visitors

  • Make sure that you’re armed with sunblock and a hat,this’ll keep you from looking like Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer ( this actually legitimately happened to me once).  The scorching sun shows no mercy and it’s akin to being placed in an oven while over there.
  • Ensure that you’re dressed appropriately, this way, you’ll avoid having to squeeze through hoards of people to borrow clothing which is acceptable. Mind you, it’s quite a long walk from the entrance to see the Pagodas to the building where they store acceptable clothing.
  • Entrance to the temple is free, but you won’t have access to the Pagodas, the Emerald Buddha and other monuments. You’ll be greeted with the sight of the grand palace, which is the former residence of the King. However, to see the actual Emerald Buddha, you’ll need to pay a fee of 500 Baht to access these features. So keep in mind whenever you go traveling to any country, there’s forever hidden costs and dual pricing. They just don’t reveal the hidden costs for the sole purpose of not repelling tourists.
  • Remember to stay hydrated in the scorching heat, bring along a bottle water or purchase one while you’re at the temple. There’s a variety of food opposite the temple, so just stop by and get a meal there. The food is of reasonable price too.

Side View of The Grand Palace


Shophouses which comes with a plethora of stalls ranging from food to clothing, no need to go scouring for a nearby shopping mall.

View of the entrance of the Temple


I hope that my supposed attempt to model the lonely planet traveller’s guide will be of use to you and happy traveling!


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