Food Review:Lord Stow’s bakery egg tarts 

Alas, I finally have something to fill in the food section of this blog. Lord Stow’s Bakery is famed for their Portuguese egg tarts, and their egg tarts truly live up to its name. I’m no Anthony Bourdain nor a certified food critric, so bear with me as I attempt to review the egg tarts.

My verdict: The egg tarts were really nice and creamy, and not overly sweet too. Which is the magic in these egg tart since the egg custard is usually too sweet for my liking most of the time. The flaky crust was well cooked and slightly crunchy which makes it even better. These egg tarts and a hot drink is the perfect combination.

Priced at MOP 10, it’s not pricey for a single egg tart. For an entire box of 6 tarts, it costs MOP 60. Reasonably priced, it’s definitely a must eat in Macau. Regardless if you’ve left the casino empty handed or not, these egg tarts will serve as a consolation. Attached are a few pictures of the famed egg tarts.

Where to find them: Lord Stow’s bakery has a branch in Senado Square,The Venetian Macau and Coloane Village. For the entire list of branches,feel free to visit their website at

    I hope that my food review has been of good use to you and have an enjoyable holiday season!


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