A neophyte’s manual to blogging

As a heads up, I’m by no means a professional blogger, however, as a fellow aspiring blogger like many, I hope that this post would be of some help.

  • Start off by sifting out what you wish to write about or what your blog will be about. That sets the foundation for your blog.
  • Don’t be disheartened if you don’t receive many views, common sense tells you success doesn’t come overnight. If it truly does, kindly inform me and I shall apologize.
  • Try to update regularly, this is where the irony comes in on my part. I’m attempting to advise fellow aspiring bloggers but in reality this blog has gone through a dry spell of nearly 3 weeks. Updating regularly does keep readers interested, and racks up those views.
  • Share your blog with your friends and family or promote it though social media
  • Draw inspiration from successful bloggers and pick up a thing or two when you visit their sites. A few of my favourite blogs includes the blogger who goes by the name “HeroineinHeels”. I’ll leave the links to these blogs below.
  • In any blog, a good theme is one thing to take note of. Depending on the nature of your blog, a nice theme adds to the overall aesthetic of your blog and makes it look more appealing to readers.
  • Improve on your photography skills, try to attach photos where possible as a wordy blog puts people off. No need to cash out on a fancy new camera, there are numerous ways to take good pictures even with an Iphone camera. Those picture editing apps exist for a reason, it’s not that difficult, and many of them come for free too! Hooray for technology!

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