Restaurant review: Reservations @ Vicki’s

Reservations@Vicki’s is the perfect place if you’re looking for some good teppanyaki to fill your stomach. In addition, the seafood there is considerably less pricey compared to other restaurants. This place is a must go for seafood lovers or any food lover in general.

The meal starts off with Canadian lobster with garlic butter sauce. The lobster was well cooked and tender combined with the rich garlic butter sauce, it creates the perfect combination for  good lobster meal.


Next up is tofu and shiitake mushrooms with teriyaki sauce. Combined with the sweet and slightly salty terriyaki sauce, it creates the perfect tantalizing dish. The tofu was soft and silky, and just melts in your mouth when eaten with the terriyaki sauce.

The next meal is chilli lobster, this is a must try for seafood lovers and anyone who likes spicy food in general. The lobster was tender and well cooked, furthermore, the rich and creamy chilli sauce is the perfect deal with the right amount of spice and a good mix of various flavours.


All good things must come to an end, and here’s the last meal for the day, medium well wagyu ribeye beef with garlic butter sauce.The presentation alone is enough to get your mouths watering and your stomach growling. The beef was tender and juicy, together with the garlic butter sauce, it creates an explosion of tastes within your mouth.


Food: 8/10

Service:8 /10

Ambience: 7/10

Head over to Reservations at Vicki’s if you’re looking for some good teppanyaki to fill your stomach, and look out for a chef named Mark! He’s bound to dazzle you with his “culinary gymnastics” and leave you in stitches with his sense of humour.

Reservations @ Vicki’s


Tue – Sun: 16:00 – 23:00

Closed: Mon


+65 68846884


+65 63489939


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