Jatujak: Your guide to a shopper’s paradise 

Located within the heart of central Bangkok, Jatujak boasts thousands of shops selling everything from household items, clothes, leather goods, ceramics and so on, the list is endless. Having been there several times, here are a few things to take note of and a couple of reccomended places to stop by the next time you’ll be there or perhaps during your first visit to the weekend market.


Dried foods? Check

Band merch? They’ve got it, not exactly knockoffs and neither are they legitimate, but oh well it’s still something to display your admiration towards your favourite artists

Looking for swimwear but don’t quite wish to splash out on brands like Traingl? Here’s your fix!

Cute bags, at a reasonable price too, about 7.20SGD

1) Try to get there early before the crowds set in, that way it will be easier for you navigate your way through the market without having to battle with the hoards of people. A good timing would be around mid morning around 10am, although the market does open at 6am.

2) Make sure you find out the shops which you wish to go to before hand if you’re intent on buying certain items.  The shops can be identified by the street numbers demarcated with Soi _/_ , as a guide especially since the place is a maze . If not, you could always look out for landmarks, they won’t fail you.

Jatujak condensed into one t shirt

3) Do check out the food and perhaps some of the services they have to offer. The coconut ice cream is a must try it’s truly heavenly. Along with a free cup of coconut water, it’s the prime combination to provide you with a refreshing boost amidst the sweltering heat. Priced reasonably at 40 Baht which is equivalent to about 1.60SGD, keep CoCo JJ in mind as a stop on your visit to Jatujak. It’s conveniently located within the vicinity of exit 2 of the Khampeang Paet MRT station if you’re coming here via public transport. The ice cream comes with nata de coco on the side and complements the ice cream which might I add isn’t overly sweet and has the right amount of coconut tinged flavour within it. 

A must try among the many edibles that Jatujak has to offer

4) Bring along sufficient cash, most shops only accept cash and there are only a select few that accept credit cards, and you’ll have a really fun time attempting to locate these shops. So do ensure that you have enough cash to fund your splurge because your plastic friend is unlikely to save the day.

Fancy a caricature of yourself? They have it, plus you can get it framed

That sums up my post for now, do stay tuned for future posts and happy Travelling!


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