Memoirs of a girl with Scoliosis Part II

If any of you readers remember, four years ago, I had the first instalment of my personal memoirs titled Memoirs of a girl with flat foot detailing my surgery and my life post recovery. Several years later, I have now completed my A levels, started University and am back with a mess of colours in my hair. Now I haven’t actually gone for the surgery yet, but here is a little update on my condition thus far. Unfortunately, my condition has worsened progressively as the years got by and after years of follow ups, the best course of action was to go for surgery which. Having been given a one year fail/safe period since my last appointment, I officially have eight months to accomplish as many things as I want before the dreaded day comes. However, COVID-19 has unfortunately put a damper on my plans to go for overseas summer school and explore Europe over the summer. Even so, every cloud has its silver lining and I intend to make my remaining time before the surgery to gain new experiences and complete my “pre-surgery bucket list.”

At the beginning of the year, I started a new job working as a part-time research assistant under one of my professors. The research fieldwork was undoubtedly tough, having faced rejection and harsh words, but as the weeks went on, I got better at my job and it was an eye-opening experience hearing the various stories of the interviewees at the union office where we did data collection. Honestly, I have always wanted to work on a research project during my time in University, and after a semester of poking fun at the Uni I got into, I guess things to happen for a reason and I doubt I would have met the people I have met and gotten this experience either. Admittedly, this was not on my “pre-surgery bucket list”. But even so, I am definitely grateful for this opportunity and I am looking forward to giving myself a challenge with the post fieldwork data analysis, especially for someone who has the tech skills of a boomer, perhaps this could be the time where I really took initiative to brush up on my paltry tech skills.

Aside from work, I made the age-old new year’s resolution to start becoming more active and to eat healthy. For once, this did not go dusty and unloved like that teapot sitting in your kitchen cabinet. Instead, I have actually made an effort to start hitting the gym and tried to eat healthy as much as possible. Although I still have the occasional cheat week day, I guess I’m still eating much healthier than I was previously. As with life, everything comes with ups and downs, sure I have had some setbacks thrown at me in these few months, but there is always more to come and something to look forward to. Eight years later, 20-year-old me is still definitely terrified of going for surgery, but after some hard knocks and silver linings, I have a much more positive outlook on life. Hope you have enjoyed reading my post, take care, stay safe, and stay tuned for future posts. 😊


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