The Circuit Breaker Diaries: An unfavourable turn of events and positivity amidst this crisis

As expected, Singapore has entered a lockdown circuit breaker as they choose to term it. Now, all of us were hoping that it would just be a month long circuit breaker as promised, but given the spike in cases, looks like the curve does not show signs of plateauing in the next few days to come. The inevitable came, an additional four week extension to the circuit breaker. Who knew that in a few months our friends and family who were just a bus ride or MRT ride away in this compact city would turn into long-distant friendships and the adage “so close yet so far” has become a reality for many of us right now. Sure, it might be painful for the time being but there is always a sliver lining in any situation, I have started getting used to a new routine at home, and am definitely appreciating the extra hours in a day from not having to commute to work or class. Admittedly, it took quite a bit of getting used to, definitely felt as if I was getting cabin fever from spending extended periods of time at home and barely going out (longing for the day I can go out and do whatever I want with no qualms though) .

Prior to this pandemic, I did spend a fair bit of time with family, but now we spend 24/7 with each other. quite literally so. Initially, I found it as a welcome change but it progressed into becoming slightly disconcerting seeing the same few faces everyday. We definitely have had our fair share of ups and downs, but in times like these, I appreciate the witty sarcastic comments among each other and the renewed sense of camaraderie. Now, I get that not everyone has this luxury and this situation makes me cherish it even more. No doubt I definitely miss the in person interactions with the friends and even though COVID19 has put a damper on some of my plans, embracing this new normal for the time being has honestly been going pretty good for me.

Given the extra spare time we have, I’m sure most of us have things planned out which may resemble age old new year’s resolutions. Healthy diet? Check. Workout? Check. Read books? Check. As much as I would like this to be the reality, this is not quite the case for me, and probably a good number of you readers out there. Circuit breaker has consisted of a diet of stress eating because there’s deadlines, readings and online exams to prep for even in a pandemic. Life still goes on for us students, just in the form of zoom lectures and Microsoft Office to keep us sane.

I hope you have enjoyed my personal musings regarding the COVID19 situation. For now, hang in there, wash your hands, be socially responsible. Stay home and stay safe.


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