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Out of the frying pan into the “new normal”

After months of countless Netflix marathons and seeing the same three faces, there’s finally some “normalcy” in Singapore, now life is not going back to pre coronavirus levels for a long time. So for now, dealing with the “new normal” shall suffice, small group gatherings, mandatory mask wearing, getting kicked out of bars by 10:30pm , no more premier league live streams nor live performances, but hey, take what you can get.

Now I think everyone is tired of hearing of the devastating impacts of the virus so I guess I shall share a small snippet of what my “new normal” consists of. School Zoom University is officially in full swing, hello deadlines my old friend, you have not been missed. Finally gotten the chance to catch up with friends and satisfy some of my cravings without having to spend a fortune on delivery fees. Life is a little bit more exciting now compared to seeing the same three faces everyday. The Netflix marathons still remain though, despite Singapore’s somewhat paltry selection of shows, if you dig deep enough, there are bound to be hidden gems that will leave you glued to the couch as you go through another nightly binge.

Some days are spent watching travel vlogs on YouTube and giving myself the “fomo” syndrome, only to be reminded that borders are closed and leisure travel is not resuming anytime soon. Oh well, I guess living vicariously through these videos shall make do for now . Maybe it’s prime time I started appreciating Singapore a little more after years of whining about the lack of things to do here. I have to admit, the rona has become the biggest game of improvise and adapt. When you don’t have access to the luxury of travel to neighbouring countries or certain activities, time to get creative, and try new things, including playing D&D with a bunch of internet randos over national day and trying to not let each other starve.

As much as we all long for the pre-covid days, life is going to change very drastically once the pandemic blows over. At the end of the day, every cloud has a silver lining, even in these trying times, I hope everyone is able to find some kind of positivity to tide them through. For now, stay safe and wash your hands, there’s always sunshine after the rain.


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