Restaurant review: Reservations @ Vicki’s

Reservations@Vicki’s is the perfect place if you’re looking for some good teppanyaki to fill your stomach. In addition, the seafood there is considerably less pricey compared to other restaurants. This place is a must go for seafood lovers or any food lover in general.

The meal starts off with Canadian lobster with garlic butter sauce. The lobster was well cooked and tender combined with the rich garlic butter sauce, it creates the perfect combination for  good lobster meal.


Next up is tofu and shiitake mushrooms with teriyaki sauce. Combined with the sweet and slightly salty terriyaki sauce, it creates the perfect tantalizing dish. The tofu was soft and silky, and just melts in your mouth when eaten with the terriyaki sauce.

The next meal is chilli lobster, this is a must try for seafood lovers and anyone who likes spicy food in general. The lobster was tender and well cooked, furthermore, the rich and creamy chilli sauce is the perfect deal with the right amount of spice and a good mix of various flavours.


All good things must come to an end, and here’s the last meal for the day, medium well wagyu ribeye beef with garlic butter sauce.The presentation alone is enough to get your mouths watering and your stomach growling. The beef was tender and juicy, together with the garlic butter sauce, it creates an explosion of tastes within your mouth.


Food: 8/10

Service:8 /10

Ambience: 7/10

Head over to Reservations at Vicki’s if you’re looking for some good teppanyaki to fill your stomach, and look out for a chef named Mark! He’s bound to dazzle you with his “culinary gymnastics” and leave you in stitches with his sense of humour.

Reservations @ Vicki’s


Tue – Sun: 16:00 – 23:00

Closed: Mon


+65 68846884


+65 63489939


A neophyte’s manual to blogging

As a heads up, I’m by no means a professional blogger, however, as a fellow aspiring blogger like many, I hope that this post would be of some help.

  • Start off by sifting out what you wish to write about or what your blog will be about. That sets the foundation for your blog.
  • Don’t be disheartened if you don’t receive many views, common sense tells you success doesn’t come overnight. If it truly does, kindly inform me and I shall apologize.
  • Try to update regularly, this is where the irony comes in on my part. I’m attempting to advise fellow aspiring bloggers but in reality this blog has gone through a dry spell of nearly 3 weeks. Updating regularly does keep readers interested, and racks up those views.
  • Share your blog with your friends and family or promote it though social media
  • Draw inspiration from successful bloggers and pick up a thing or two when you visit their sites. A few of my favourite blogs includes the blogger who goes by the name “HeroineinHeels”. I’ll leave the links to these blogs below.
  • In any blog, a good theme is one thing to take note of. Depending on the nature of your blog, a nice theme adds to the overall aesthetic of your blog and makes it look more appealing to readers.
  • Improve on your photography skills, try to attach photos where possible as a wordy blog puts people off. No need to cash out on a fancy new camera, there are numerous ways to take good pictures even with an Iphone camera. Those picture editing apps exist for a reason, it’s not that difficult, and many of them come for free too! Hooray for technology!
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New Year’s Resolutions

Dear Readers,

Happy New Year! It’s time to start on  a clean slate and hopefully become a better person. As always, the New Year means New Year’s resolutions, however, most of the time, they are left dusty and unloved like the dusty teapot in your kitchen cabinet. Ah, poor new year’s resolution, I do not wish to set your hopes up on fulfilling your resolutions, but it’s the bitter truth.  Hopefully, 2016 will be your year and you’ll be able to fulfil those resolutions for once. If you’re unable to do so,hope that 2017 will be your year, as we continue to tell ourselves. However, for now be optimistic and here’s to a wonderful year filled with new adventures!





Food Review:Lord Stow’s bakery egg tarts 

Alas, I finally have something to fill in the food section of this blog. Lord Stow’s Bakery is famed for their Portuguese egg tarts, and their egg tarts truly live up to its name. I’m no Anthony Bourdain nor a certified food critric, so bear with me as I attempt to review the egg tarts.

My verdict: The egg tarts were really nice and creamy, and not overly sweet too. Which is the magic in these egg tart since the egg custard is usually too sweet for my liking most of the time. The flaky crust was well cooked and slightly crunchy which makes it even better. These egg tarts and a hot drink is the perfect combination.

Priced at MOP 10, it’s not pricey for a single egg tart. For an entire box of 6 tarts, it costs MOP 60. Reasonably priced, it’s definitely a must eat in Macau. Regardless if you’ve left the casino empty handed or not, these egg tarts will serve as a consolation. Attached are a few pictures of the famed egg tarts.

Where to find them: Lord Stow’s bakery has a branch in Senado Square,The Venetian Macau and Coloane Village. For the entire list of branches,feel free to visit their website at

    I hope that my food review has been of good use to you and have an enjoyable holiday season!


Memoirs of a girl with flat feet

Dear Readers,

All that fuss about my feet, I never imagined that one day my feet would send the local media into frenzy. It was an awkward feeling as the adage goes; I was abruptly plunged into my ‘15 minutes of fame’. Well, the press interview wasn’t as glamourous as I envisaged.

It all dates back to when I was in Primary 1, I was taking ballet lessons then and used to admire myself doing neophyte ballet routines in a light pink leotard and tutu. Looking back, I was definitely suffering from delusions of grandeur.

However, a meeting with my parents and ballet teacher revealed something that surprised my parents and I. I was unable to tip toe properly! Therefore resulting in an appointment with an orthopaedist. At the appointment, it was revealed that I had bunions and it was the root cause of me being unable to tip toe properly.

Looks like I’ll have to say goodbye to prancing around the stage in a ladybird costume. I admit, I was rather saddened by it. Insoles were ‘prescribed’ and resulted in a limited choice of footwear in my primary school days. Well, by being limited meant mostly stuck to ‘New Balance’ shoes since most shoes wouldn’t fit onto those insolent insoles.

Well, I had to stop ballet and my parents decided to let me have a go at learning to play the piano instead of ballet. Oh, it was quite a good choice.

I still felt the sense of pride the day I was able to play Mary had a little lamb on the piano with my own little fingers. Moving on, I continued on a regimen of various insoles over the next few years in hopes of correcting my bunions. By Primary 5, I had an appointment with another orthopaedist. Who discovered that I had flat feet too! Call that another piece of news? This is tantamount to a recipe for disaster for an 11 year old. Turns out that both defects were unrelated. Furthermore, the only viable option at that point in time was surgery for my flat feet. Given my age, it felt as if doomsday had arrived. After the discovery of my condition, yet another discovery was made, my spine wasn’t actually straight! Yep, doomsday has definitely arrived. Fate has officially bestowed on me to go through a battery of X rays and an endless stream of doctor’s appointments.

Let the appointments begin! Round one of appointments starts off with Professor Wong Hee Kit at the NUH department of Orthopaedics. He told me that the condition for my spine was called Scoliosis and that my flat feet could have relations to it. Professor Wong then referred me to Dr. Tan Ken Jin who was a leading specialist in foot and ankle surgery. He gave a further assessment on my flat feet condition thus marking the second round of appointments. Then came the X rays, I was sentenced to a battery of back and foot X rays. Dr. Tan assessed my foot X ray and the verdict was given that surgery was required. I could practically hear the bells knelling internally at the thought of doomsday arriving.


Several months and appointments later, the day of the surgery arrived. I was surprisingly unfazed about going through it, okay; I was a little bit scared. There were several surgeons there, who kept asking me what my name was. I was getting annoyed and actually wanted them to proceed with the surgery immediately. After asking me for my name a countless number of times, they proceeded to outline the place where they were going to make the incision. I just stared at my leg and thought about those medical documentaries I saw on TV. I was then placed under general anesthesia for the procedure. Hours later, I’m awake and ready for discharge from the hospital and left to hobble around on crutches.At the same time being placed in an ‘air cast’ boot for the next 6 weeks. I subsequently attended my school’s Primary 6 graduation night hobbling on crutches.

Six months later, they performed the same procedure on the right foot. The second time round went better than expected since I was prepared for what was to come. It was approximately two weeks after the surgery when I was contacted for an interview regarding the procedure. Obviously, I was puzzled about it but went ahead with the interview .It was the same day I learnt that I was the first patient to share my experience with the media . I was ‘attacked’ by a bout of questions by the journalists asking me about the surgery and what I hoped to do after my feet were fully healed. My ’15 minutes of fame’ didn’t go as planned. Instead, I found myself repeating words like some broken record. An article was subsequently published. My only presence in the article was my name and a one-liner of me saying that I hoped to take part in activities such as relay races once my feet were fully healed. I went through all the trouble with the press just for that one-liner!

In addition to an article, a TV interview was conducted and I chose to stay anonymous for the interview. It was then revealed that I was not exactly anonymous as they promised, thus signaling trouble with the press. Following the incident, I was sentenced to a lengthy phone call with a journalist who kept apologizing and rambled on incessantly about the lighting of the venue and functions of various TV’s. This only gave me the urge to hang up on her in order to cease her incessant rambling.

My feet are now fully healed and I can now engage in many sporting activities. Looking back, I find it laughable that I dreamt of attempting to balance on 6-inch stilettos when I can let alone barely balance on  2 inch heels during performances with my school’s Chinese Orchestra. This marks the end of memoirs of a girl with flat feet and the story might continue with memoirs of a girl with scoliosis.


A trip to the Emerald Buddha Temple ( Wat Phra Khew)

The Emerald Buddha Temple is one of the pull factors of Thailand, being deemed as the most sacred temple,it’s a hot spot among tourists. People from all over the globe flock to this temple to get a glimpse of the most sacred temple in Thailand. It gives you a chance to pay your respects and well, hopefully be gifted with lots of luck and prosperity.

Here’s some advice for future visitors

  • Make sure that you’re armed with sunblock and a hat,this’ll keep you from looking like Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer ( this actually legitimately happened to me once).  The scorching sun shows no mercy and it’s akin to being placed in an oven while over there.
  • Ensure that you’re dressed appropriately, this way, you’ll avoid having to squeeze through hoards of people to borrow clothing which is acceptable. Mind you, it’s quite a long walk from the entrance to see the Pagodas to the building where they store acceptable clothing.
  • Entrance to the temple is free, but you won’t have access to the Pagodas, the Emerald Buddha and other monuments. You’ll be greeted with the sight of the grand palace, which is the former residence of the King. However, to see the actual Emerald Buddha, you’ll need to pay a fee of 500 Baht to access these features. So keep in mind whenever you go traveling to any country, there’s forever hidden costs and dual pricing. They just don’t reveal the hidden costs for the sole purpose of not repelling tourists.
  • Remember to stay hydrated in the scorching heat, bring along a bottle water or purchase one while you’re at the temple. There’s a variety of food opposite the temple, so just stop by and get a meal there. The food is of reasonable price too.

Side View of The Grand Palace


Shophouses which comes with a plethora of stalls ranging from food to clothing, no need to go scouring for a nearby shopping mall.

View of the entrance of the Temple


I hope that my supposed attempt to model the lonely planet traveller’s guide will be of use to you and happy traveling!


Trip to Art in Paradise museum

An overview of the Art in paradise museum : A 3D art museum for you to put your wannabe acting skills to use and your chance to be a supposed professional photographer for a few hours. In addition ,you’ll feel like a model for a short period of time.

My take on the museum

I did indeed have a blast there, the illusions there are legitimate 3D paintings and they aren’t rip off illusions where the supposed illusions are actually real life figures. The museum consists of two floors, I know what you’re probably thinking, a possible rip off of my money. I assure you, it’s not , the pricing was reasonable and the paintings were well done. The museum did not consist of figures with chipped off paint unlike the Trick eye museum in Singapore which has the audacity to proclaim itself as a bona fide 3D art museum. The interactive media section of the museum is definitely the pull factor of this place. It consists of a room with flashing images and 3D images. The objective is that you’re meant to writhe around the floor and strike poses in order to fit the illusions. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to let loose and writhe around the floor without any objections and not look like a deranged person.

There is also a plus side to it, the museum has a cafe too, so you can enjoy something to eat after striking poses with paintings. The prices are rather reasonable, it’s 300 Baht for adults and 200 baht for children(this price is for foreigners). Beware though, foreign countries have  a penchant for a dual pricing system. Basically with the dual pricing system, there are two sets of prices for locals and foreigners respectively. So don’t set your hope too high only to be told that you’ll have to pay a higher price. The next time you’re going enter a tourist attraction anywhere, ensure that you check the prices carefully.


These are just my thoughts on the museum, others may have contrasting views on it. I’m not in any way sponsored by anyone to write a good review of this place.

Here’s some outtakes from the trip.


Sliding down a slope, or so, we think.



Attempting to be models, when in reality, we need to update our style ASAP.


Just casually sitting on a giant thumbtack that has created a crack in the floor.


A traveller’s nightmare: Lost Baggage

Lost baggage? Yes, that’s any traveller’s nightmare. Having experienced it myself, I’m here to hopefully offer some advice on how to handle such a situation. Basically, some person had mistakenly taken our luggage. In addition,  I had to endure my younger brother whine about how he has to live off his supposed “stress pills” aka his box of mentos.  So I hope the next few paragraphs will be of good use to you.

Step 1: wait until the last few baggages are on the belt, DON’T PANIC  AND GO ON A RAMPAGE and assume your baggage has been lost

Step 2: Stay calm and approach the airport staff, they’ll advise you on how to handle the situation

Step 3: Go to the baggage claim counter and report a loss of baggage, before you do so, there might be a possibility that some oblivious stranger has mistakenly taken your bag, in the event that happens, get the airport to contact the person, you may ask how? Get the staff to contact the owner of the luggage that’s similar to yours, that’s your best bet, as common sense would tell you

Step 4: Ensure that you have travel insurance, and that your travel insurance does cover baggage loss, at least it’s a minor consolation for the lost contents of the baggage


1) Travel insurance is important, airlines do provide insurance however, they won’t be so kind as to bequeath you with coverage that include medical expenses, so you’ll need a separate package for that. On the plus side, their insurance coverage does indeed include flight delays and lost baggage. So take a mental note of that the next time you book an air ticket.

2) Ensure that you have enough baggage allowance and don’t overpack, if not,you’ll have to pay for it and if you refuse to do so, you’ll be unable to retrieve your luggage. Don’t try to kick up a fuss either, it’s your fault for not accurately gauging the amount of possessions you choose to lug along with you.

3) Have a luggage tag, it’ll increase your chances of your luggage being found. Take note though, don’t fill your luggage tag with false information. That’ll just decrease your chances of your luggage being found, you’ll just be back to square one. Basically, putting false information on your luggage is akin to not having one at all.


This is a prime example of a person who is perhaps afraid that their personal information might be stolen. Hence the reason why they’ve decided to provided false information. Mind you, the cargo workers wouldn’t bother to take the time to check your luggage tag and steal your information. If you were to put this on your luggage, your hope of getting your luggage back has just gone out of the window. It’s indeed common sense that writing that practically screams, ” I don’t want my luggage to be returned to me20151125_172442

I hope that my advice will be of good use to you and happy travelling.


Book Review: Paper Towns by John Green

I admit, I am indeed very late in terms of reading the book or watching the movie. The hype on this has died down more or less, though this book is labelled under mystery, it does not fall into the same category as the likes of more renowned mystery authors like James Patterson. Instead, Green takes you on a written scavenger hunt rather than describing the process of how bodies are being chopped up. The book mainly centres around Quentin or Q who supposedly thinks that he is madly head over heels for Margo Roth Spiegelman. Margo is a rather intriguing character with a penchant for disappearing to various places within the United States and leaving clues in order to instigate hullaballoo among those around her. Margo’s latest disappearance causes an even greater uproar even though readers might think that those around her should be accustomed to it. Overall, I found this book an enjoyable read, Green takes readers on a written scavenger hunt as you go along which adds to the mystery of the book. Furthermore, the themes were relatable and I enjoyed Green’s use of humour toliven up the written scavenger hunt. I shall not reveal too much about the book, as I do not wish to spoil this book for any impending readers. The book isn’t too pricey either, so for anyone looking for a good read these holidays, paper towns is a good one to pick up.


The end of the O Levels

The dreaded O levels are finally over. As a form of celebration, I went window shopping with my good friend . Rather than patronising pricey cafes,which would undoubtedly see an increase in sales figures from students shelling out money on their overpriced products. Having completed my O levels means that I no longer have to endure the constant nagging from my teachers. I can say goodbye to teachers pounding on our classroom door at 7:45 am in the morning waiting to be gifted with their homework. I shall not delve into the details of how my O levels went, because that’s been over and done with. Overall, I felt pretty good about it, and may the force hopefully be with me when I receive my results next year. For now, I’ll focus on treasuring the freedom I have been beqeauthed with before reality slaps me in the face.