A traveller’s nightmare: Lost Baggage

Lost baggage? Yes, that’s any traveller’s nightmare. Having experienced it myself, I’m here to hopefully offer some advice on how to handle such a situation. Basically, some person had mistakenly taken our luggage. In addition,  I had to endure my younger brother whine about how he has to live off his supposed “stress pills” aka his box of mentos.  So I hope the next few paragraphs will be of good use to you.

Step 1: wait until the last few baggages are on the belt, DON’T PANIC  AND GO ON A RAMPAGE and assume your baggage has been lost

Step 2: Stay calm and approach the airport staff, they’ll advise you on how to handle the situation

Step 3: Go to the baggage claim counter and report a loss of baggage, before you do so, there might be a possibility that some oblivious stranger has mistakenly taken your bag, in the event that happens, get the airport to contact the person, you may ask how? Get the staff to contact the owner of the luggage that’s similar to yours, that’s your best bet, as common sense would tell you

Step 4: Ensure that you have travel insurance, and that your travel insurance does cover baggage loss, at least it’s a minor consolation for the lost contents of the baggage


1) Travel insurance is important, airlines do provide insurance however, they won’t be so kind as to bequeath you with coverage that include medical expenses, so you’ll need a separate package for that. On the plus side, their insurance coverage does indeed include flight delays and lost baggage. So take a mental note of that the next time you book an air ticket.

2) Ensure that you have enough baggage allowance and don’t overpack, if not,you’ll have to pay for it and if you refuse to do so, you’ll be unable to retrieve your luggage. Don’t try to kick up a fuss either, it’s your fault for not accurately gauging the amount of possessions you choose to lug along with you.

3) Have a luggage tag, it’ll increase your chances of your luggage being found. Take note though, don’t fill your luggage tag with false information. That’ll just decrease your chances of your luggage being found, you’ll just be back to square one. Basically, putting false information on your luggage is akin to not having one at all.


This is a prime example of a person who is perhaps afraid that their personal information might be stolen. Hence the reason why they’ve decided to provided false information. Mind you, the cargo workers wouldn’t bother to take the time to check your luggage tag and steal your information. If you were to put this on your luggage, your hope of getting your luggage back has just gone out of the window. It’s indeed common sense that writing that practically screams, ” I don’t want my luggage to be returned to me20151125_172442

I hope that my advice will be of good use to you and happy travelling.